JCZ EZCAD2/ LMC Control Board

JCZ EZCAD3/ DLC2-M4 Control Board

JCZ EZCAD3/ DLC-2-3D with the 3D version

Hersteller: Beijing JCZ Technology Co., Ltd (Stock Code: 839562, referred as “JCZ Technology”) was found in
2004, is the national high-tech enterprise.JCZ Technology is adhering to the core concept of “respecting
everyone, technology improving life, win-win cooperation and sustainable development”, committed to
the realization of the vision of “Beam delivery and control expert”.

  • Nutzung eines 25-pin DB25 Steckers, verbindet IPG YLP Laser Module via 25-pin Kabel direkt.
  • Einstellbare Digital/Analog Ausgänge für die Nutzung des Galvo-Scankopfes.
  • Mark-On-Fly Funktion in Verbindung mit einem Encoder.
  • 4 Wege General Input Signal (TTL kompatibel).
  • 5 Wege General Output Signal (TTL kompatibel).
  • Kompatibel mit USB2.0